Catalogue of Analytical Notes

Useful information for teachers and students on more than 1000 musical works.

Carefully researched by a teacher with over 20 years' experience, and used by hundreds of teachers and students throughout Australia, these concise and professionally presented notes contain:
  • Detailed accounts of form, modulations and stylistic characteristics.
  • Background information on the composers.
  • Explanations of the musical signs and terms.
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Theory, Musicianship and General Reference
Examination Study Guides
Piano - AMEB Collections - Analytical Notes
Piano & Organ - Analytical Notes
String - Analytical Notes
Woodwind - Analytical Notes
Brass - Analytical Notes
Percussion - Analytical Notes
Vocal - Analytical Notes
Orchestral, Chamber and Choral - Analytical Notes

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Copyright law applies to these notes. They may not be photocopied. The notes are not endorsed by any examining body, and are not necessarily the only possible interpretation of the works discussed.